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ATX Auctions Richfield
1000 N 1540 E
Richfield Utah 84701
United Sates

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Monday 11:30am-5pm, Friday 10am-5pm

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Monday-Friday 11am-5pm



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ATX Auctions Richfield

Hi! If we have never met we are Brady and Chelsey Roberts, and we own ATX Auctions Richfield. We are a small business that is able to bring amazing deals to our local communities. We enjoyed going to auctions and finding great deals, but they all seemed to be out of our area. We decided it would be great to make this a local thing so that others could enjoy this same thing without having to travel! We love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they get things at prices they can’t believe. We have been able to get to know many people in our community and look forward to meeting many more! Contact me if you want to come see what we have and what we do, otherwise go get registered for the auction and we will see you at pickup!

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