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ATX Auctions Dickinson
3811 Dickinson Ave
Dikinson Texas 77539
United Sates

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Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 9am-5pm, Saturday 4pm-8pm

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Monday-Friday 9am-5pm



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ATX Auctions Dickinson

We are a family owned and operated business with Rocco running the whole place. Rocco is a 7yr old Catahoula mix dog that we adopted 2yrs ago. After running this business for a year Rocco has come in and completely taken over and runs the entire operation even though he can’t drive he insist on coming to work every day even if his owner/servant cannot ,we have to arrange transportation to and from work for him .We used to think all of our customers loved to come see us as we have quickly have learned they no longer come to see us they all want to see Rocco. I do understand he thinks everyone is there to see him. He loves to greet everyone that comes in and just wants you to pet him. Now if someone has a dog treat you just became his best friend. Please Please when you come in do not say go for a ride out load he completely understands that . that would then require his owner/servant to then load him up and take him around the block. As I really have a lot to do I really don’t have time to do that all day long. Scott the owner retired as a ships engineer in 2018 after a couple of yr. of goofing off got board and started this in 2020.Karen has been with me since the beginning and runs the office/shipping. When you come in or call you will more than likely be seeing or talking to her along with Rocco. Brandon is the warehouse manager and he came to us in 2021, and you will more than likely meet him when picking your items.We have customers we see almost every auction that have been with us from the beginning and they are part of our extended family We pride our self’s in customer service and strive to give everyone the best experience possible.

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