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Join a fast growing industry

Discover the streamlined process to open a ATX Auctions. Get dedicated licensee support, work-life balance, and build your community. ATX Auctions is more than a business venture It’s a life-changing decision serving the growing needs of your community. Contact us today to get started!

Own a business that doesn’t own you

ATX Auctions is not a franchise, we are a family of Auction Houses the rely on 17 year of auction experience. Whether you are a seasoned auction junky or just looking for a new adventure this might be the solution for you. From start to finish we can help guide you through opening your own auction company. Or, if you are currently running and auction company and what the benefits of a national brand we can help. Contact us directly to become a licensee!

What we offer

17 years of auction experience

Auction Flex and hibid training

Private label text messaging

Online support

Product acquisition

Listing applications

Warehouse layout

Access to over 4 million customers

Built in customer base

The secret sauce to auction success

Interested in Becoming a Licensee?

Contact ATX Auctions directly for more information and get the process started today