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As a leading public online auction company, we offer a range of high-quality products through specialized auctions. Explore a treasure trove of opportunities as we bring you new overstock and box damaged general merchandise, unique finds from business closures, and exclusive offerings from restaurant liquidations. At ATX Auctions, we’re redefining the shopping experience by providing you with a platform to bid and win exceptional items at unbeatable prices. Enjoy the thrill of bidding and win top-quality items at prices that fit your budget!


ATX Auctions connects you with new overstock and box damaged merchandise from 9 of the top 10 online retailers in the United States. This means you can browse a selection of today’s hottest items at heavily discounted rates, from the comfort of your home. With ATX Auctions, YOU decide the price. With bids starting as low at $5, there’s a deal for everyone!


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Why bid with us

Locally Owned,
Family Run Business

Each of our 25+ auction locations are locally owned, and often family-run business. At ATX Auctions, we prioritize building lasting connections within our community, ensuring a friendly and customer-centric bidding experience. Support your community by biding with ATX!

Circular Economy, Environmentally Conscious

All purchases contribute to a sustainable and circular economy. By participating in auctions, you help to reduce waste by keeping valuable products out of landfills and recirculating back them into community for use; fostering a more environmentally conscious and circular approach to consumption.

Accurate Listings, Transparent Transactions

ATX Auctions provides accurate and detailed listings to ensure there are no surprises for the consumer. Our commitment to transparency ensures a trustworthy bidding process, allowing you to make informed decisions and feel confident in your bidding.

How it Works

ATX brings the excitement of auctions to the comfort of your home with a safe and simple process. Start by making an account and browsing our extensive catalog to find items of interest. Once you’ve identified an item you’d like to bid on, enter your bid amount. Once an auction has closed the item goes to the highest bidder at which point an invoice will be provided. After payment is complete, you can pick up your items at the designated location. It’s that simple!

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      What our customers are saying

      the best way to buy at auction

      The best way to buy at auction; online!! Online bidding is easy from any location. Descriptions and photos are spot on including condition. Pick up guys are helpful and friendly.

      S Austin

      Great company, great people

      Great company, great people. I purchased several products via their online auction and all were fantastic. Now, what makes this a great company is they stand behind their listings. One of the items was inadvertently labeled incorrectly and they remedied the discrepancy immediately with no questions asked. Couldn’t have been happier so bid in confidence readers!


      Great items and awesome prices

      Great items and awesome prices! Have purchased a number of lots from them. Most recently I got a brand new 8 x 6 shed that was open box. (The box was heavily damaged so the price was heavily discounted.) The shed itself is in perfect condition! LOVE LOVE LOVE

      A Walker

      Consign with Us

      Calling all manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and collectors! If you have excess inventory or box damaged merchandise that you need to unload, we have solutions for you. At ATX Auctions we help guide consigners through the entire auction process and our auction platform enables us to reach hundreds of thousands of prospective buyers with the click of a button.

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